The Fjords of Norway

I’ve always wanted to see fjords. They’re supposedly beautiful and mind-numbingly stunning. Plus the word’s cool. I mean, just pronounce that word: f j o r d. It sounds so cool. I just like saying it. Fjord. Fjord. Fjord. And when I was planning my trip to Norway, the only thing I made the tourism […]

All Travelers are Created Equal

I was looking over my interview with Rolf Potts recently and thinking our talk about the false distinctions travelers make among themselves. We often compete to prove who’s a better traveler or how we aren’t like “the tourists.” In what is a make-believe competition, you see many people trying to prove their status and superiority […]

Why I Quit Being A Digital Nomad

Last week I spent all day packing up a small U-haul trailer with my belongings, preparing to move to Los Angeles, California. It felt a bit surreal after 7 years living as a digital nomad

Is Eco-Tourism Really Eco-Friendly?

As the environment has become more important to people over the last decade, companies are trying to cash in on people’s willingness to spend money in the name of environmental protection. Even so, there is promise in sustainable tourism, which is about living and growing with the environment and the local cultures.

A Quick Break From The Rat Race In Georgia

When you live in the south, the opportunity to take one or more days off life is a necessity. Georgia offers a perfect combination...

Hanging Out in Oxford

Oxford, founded sometime during the ninth century, expanded during the Middle Ages as a center for learning—first for theology, then medicine, and then law. Over the centuries, the university has added more departments, and now you can study with the best and brightest in any field. The small city of Oxford is basically one giant […]

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